AirMobile Installer 

WiFi survey service easy to use for a limited cost

Airmobile – basic usage – YouTube

AirMobile Installer is a service offered per year per reporting Android client.

Upon ordering AirMobile Installer you will also receive one AirMobile Installer Android App and cloud service for survey reports and documentation for 1 year. The solution helps to verify, document, and troubleshoot WiFi


  • Reporting for 1 Android Installer App 1 Y
  • 1 AirMobile Installer App for 1 Y
  • 1 Login
  • AP inventory list
  • AP verification
  • Room survey
  • WiFi Roaming tester and other troubleshooting features
Airmobile – Roaming test – YouTube
  • Picture documentation
  • PDF reporting
  • Support 12 months

AirMobile Enterprise, 1 Year

AirMobile Enterprise is ideal for operators and enterprises who want one cost-effective solution for WiFi troubleshooting plus real-time & proactive monitoring.

Service package that includes 10 simultaneous, floating client licenses reporting to the AirMobile cloud service for 12 months. Blocking and Activation of client reporting are managed on the AirMobile Enterprise cloud server.

AirMobile Enterprise helps to speed up WiFi troubleshooting from the real clients  (WIN 7-10 & Android) end-to-end.

The AirMobile Enterprise solution helps to understand the root cause of “bad WIFi” if problems reside on clients, WiFi network, or internet access. Realtime and historic data help to verify performance after changes are done.

Realtime alarms and multi-site features enable proactive monitoring from the real client’s perspective.


  • 10 floating Android and Windows 7,8 & 10 clients
  • Multiple logins
  • Long term real-time reporting
  • Real-time alarms, SLA
  • Multi-Site
  • Proactive monitoring
  • WiFi Expert engine
  • WiFi troubleshooting support
Let the Wi-Fi expert engine locate suspected problems
Get long term benchmarks to compare before and after performance of networks

Clients Supported:

  • Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Android
  • Win CE – please contact AirMobile for info

More info:
+46 (0) 8-750 56 55