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AirMobile for a WiFi-as-a-Service provider -The benefits

The different stages of WiFi as a Service (WaaS) include the design phase, implementation phase, and Real-Time monitoring of the service. AirMobile can help with both the implementation phase and with real-time monitoring.

The design phase is typically done by technical staff with in-depth knowledge of WiFi and knowledge of WiFi design tools. It can be done remotely or at the site -often a combination using maps and WiFi design software.

The implementation phase involves work to install and configure the WiFi network which consists of cabling and access point placement. The AirMobile Installer APP and documentation on the AirMobile Installer Cloud will help the WaaS provider to verify and document the WiFi installation. AirMobile Installer APP which runs on Android is easy to use and fast as no maps need to be customized. It uses what is called a “Room Survey” to tag measurement positions. Techs will be up and running in minutes. Realtime Data will be sent to the AirMobile cloud server for inspection by the WaaS specialists. Benefits include the low price of the AirMobile Installer tool, ease of use, and speed to verify the WiFi installation.

A WiFi as a service (WaaS) includes Real-Time network monitoring that should include, historical and current data. The combination of real-time and historical data showing WiFi network usage allows for insights in terms of capacity demands, device issues, and other problems needed to be resorted.

Today, many times WaaS service providers typically lack the view from the real clients and have only access from the network view thru the controller data. Nothing can be said about what happens when the clients cannot communicate.

Here AirMobile can help to give a holistic approach to network monitoring as the software resides on the real clients to verify quality end to end.  

WaaS service providers can work proactively with AirMobile software installed permanently on clients or remotely install the software when needed. One benefit is the speed to take action without having to visit the customer site, something appreciated by the end customers.

AirMobile Client troubleshooting includes WiFi driver/release, roaming analysis and much more